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Multiple myeloma prognosis

Before we go on to understand what multiple myeloma prognosis is, we should first understand how the cancer is caused and what it is. Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that starts in the plasma cells. Plasma cells produce antibodies that support the immune system in protecting the body from various infections. The condition however, is more common in people only above the age of 65 years and it cannot be said for certain who may or may not contract the cancer.

Plasma cells start behaving abnormally and start reproducing at an abnormally fast rate. The cells that are being generated are not needed by the body. The old and damaged cells too do not die and there is an excess of cells in the body. The cells that are not being utilized usually accumulate to form a mass or tumor. When the cancer cells start affecting multiple bones, the condition is known as multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma prognosis
Multiple myeloma prognosis is simply a medical opinion by a medical expert about the course of the condition and the likely outcome. It is merely a prediction and is based on a number of factors. A medical expert would ideally suggest a biopsy, gauge the spread of the cancer and then suggest appropriate treatment. A few things that are considered over and above the stage of the disease for a multiple myeloma prognosis are: the damage to the kidney and the presence of a certain immunoglobulin. Various other statistics from other cases are also noted to arrive at a prognosis, however after a certain point, doctors are unable to predict the definite outcome for some patients.

Multiple myeloma is a disease that can not only affect the patient but can also affect the ones that are nearest and dearest to the person. The treatment can be extremely painful and trying on everyone involved. A multiple myeloma prognosis gives hope and also outlines the treatment that should be taken to make the patient feel better. A few things that the patient should consider when being treated for multiple myeloma are changes in one’s lifestyle and one must also re look at the quality of life and sort out all their finances.

Factors that affect prognosis
A multiple myeloma prognosis will help one understand whether there is a chance to recover or whether the cancer will resurface again. The factors that affect one’s prognosis include:

1) The type of cancer and where it is located
2) Stage: The extent to which the cancer has spread
3) Cells: The condition of the cells, how they look and how fast they may spread
4) Personal health: The general health of the person, eating habits and the response of the body to the treatment.

The prediction or multiple myeloma prognosis is not only based on the condition of the person, but it is also based on hundreds of years of research and statistics. A prediction is arrived at after considering all the factors mentioned above. The prognosis may be favorable or unfavorable. However, it is only a prediction and only time will tell whether it was correct.

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