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Multiple Myeloma Symptoms

Multiple Myeloma is a cancer that originates in the plasma cells of the human body and seeps into the bones causing pain and damage to many vital organs. The condition is extremely serious and occurs in four stages. The early stage, also known as the smouldering stage does not display any multiple myeloma symptoms but there is a presence of cancer in the body. If it is detected at this stage, there are a number of treatments that can be undertaken depending on a variety of factors such as type of cancer, where it is located, how far it has spread and many other statistics.

Multiple myeloma symptoms are many; however, they are not definitive of this particular cancer. Hence it is important that a biopsy is conducted, if the cancer is suspected and treatment is adhered to.

Multiple Myeloma Symptoms

A few symptoms are highlighted below:

1) Bone Pain: People suffering from multiple myeloma will usually experience pain in the bones – back and ribs.
2) Broken bones: People suffering from myeloma cancer will also experience broken bones in the spine.
3) General tiredness: People suffering from this condition will often feel weak and extremely tired.
4) Dehydration: People suffering from myeloma cancer will get dehydrated often and feel thirsty all the time.
5) Immunity: The plasma cells in one’s body are responsible for producing antibodies that fight infections along with the immune system. With the abnormality in the plasma cells, the immune system will be more susceptible to infections and fever.
6) Loss in weight: People who suffer from myeloma cancer often experience abnormal weight loss.
7) Nausea: Along with a feeling of general tiredness, patients may also experience nausea.
8) Constipation: This is also a very common symptom, when people are suffering from myeloma cancer.
9) Urination: Frequent urination is also a very common multiple myeloma symptom.

The symptoms mentioned above could be an indication of a number of other diseases and are not specific to myeloma cancer. When these symptoms surface, it is important to check with a health care professional and check whether there they are actually multiple myeloma symptoms.


In most cases, the cancer is detected because patients have come to doctors with complains of other problems. A regular blood test could often suggest the presence of the cancer. In other cases, an X Ray, CT Scan or an MRI would be necessary. Some patients go to doctors with a situation of broken bones, and that is when the suspicion arises. Multiple myeloma symptoms might surface in the first stage of the cancer, and hence it is very important for people above the age of 60 to go in for regular check-ups to try and treat it in time.

There are a few tests that a health care professional will conduct to understand whether the patient is suffering from myeloma cancer. They include: blood tests, urine tests, X-rays and biopsies. After a proper diagnosis, a doctor will be able to outline the course of treatment to ensure that the patient gets better.

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