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Multiple Myeloma – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

There are many blood cells in our body and they are most essential for performing the functions of our body properly. Multiple Myeloma is a growth of cancerous plasma cells or malfunctioning of these blood cells. When these normal cells transform into abnormal cells and these abnormal cells increase and accumulate unmanageably, then the body is affected by cancer. In the affected area of the body the abnormal cells accumulate to form tumors or bodily masses which have the power to cause damage to the adjacent organs or tissues and infect them through the lymphatic system and the blood vessels which run into the other organs located farther.

Multiple Myeloma Causes
The reason of Multiple Myeloma is unknown but few causes are supposed to causer this disease. One may be affected by this disease due to some inherited abnormalities, as an influence of high doses of radiation, due to malfunctioning of the internal body system, some viral infection, vulnerability to certain harmful chemicals and the environmental conditions in the work places of book binders, shipyard workers, petrochemical industry workers, cosmetologists, leather workers, metallurgic industry workers etc.

multiple myeloma cancer
multiple myeloma

Multiple Myeloma Symptoms
The symptoms of Multiple Myeloma depend on the increasing plasma cells and the symptoms are nonspecific.
• Sudden osteoporosis at a young age may be a sign of Multiple Myeloma. Abnormality in height or unlikely changes in the spinal curvature is a sign of myeloma in the vertebral bones.
• The ribs and the spinal cord are the area commonly affected by myeloma. Therefore symptoms also include back pain, pain in the walls of the chest, a burning sensation, tingling, and loss of functioning of the limbs or joints.
• Incessant bleeding from the nose, mouth, or any other internal part of the body, problems in vision, breathing related problems, pain in the chest and other neurological problems like mental confusion, headache, stroke, sleeplessness, lethargic feelings etc. are the sign of hyper viscosity.
• Low count of the white blood cells is also one of the common symptoms of the disease.
• Another familiar symptom of myeloma is anemia which includes paleness, breathing problems and extreme fatigue.
• Low platelet counts, amyloidosis and cryoglobulinemia are also some of the usual symptoms of myeloma.
Initially the symptoms do not show up and remain dormant. But as the disease grows internally the symptoms get revealed more and more.

Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Initially, most of the doctors recommend blood tests and urine tests along with a fixed routine of physical checkup for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. Frequent chest x-rays need to be done to recognize the activities within the bones. It is always advisable to take expert advice from a blood cancer specialist, than go to a general physician. Sometimes the doctors would recommend that you visit an oncologist or a hematologist for better treatment of the disease.

However, we all know that there is no other better way than the prevention of the disease. So avoiding the risk factors and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is better than running for treatment.

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